Brewing rules

Date: September 27th 2018

Venue: Wait for it…………………

Trophies: Naturally! Best Brew, Best Name, Best Branding (All voted for by the attendees!)

Quantity Reqd: Well let’s not be silly………. as much as you can carry! However, I would suggest at least enough for 20 x 50ml shot glasses to enable good tasting for all so a minimum of 1 Litre I guess!

Rules: Come on, the are NO FIRKIN RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Actually, A Firkin of it would work well!!!!)


Guidance Notes:

  1. It can be ale, wine or spirit based,
  2. There will be no paramedics or first aiders available on the evening,
  3. In the event of a tie then Angus will decide who wins the trophies as he has got to do something this year to be a worthy Chairman!
  4. I am not responsible in any way for anything!
  5. Food will be available in some sort of form on the evening.